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Main building

Western / Japanese hybrid-style room (3 guests)

  • Enjoy views of the Seto Inland Sea during the daytime and the nighttime factory views after dark. There is an industrial area in neighboring Otake City with nighttime illumination that creates a unique atmosphere. The western-style rooms (Rooms 204 and 205) with beds of solid natural wood create a simple and comfortable space and include a tatami space for relaxing in.

  • * Prices vary depending on the plan.

    * Children less than 13 years of age may not stay at this facility.

    * Smoking is prohibited in this facility. Please use the smoking rooms located outside on the first floor and on the second floor.

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Main equipment
All rooms equipped with Wi-Fi

[Area] Rooms 204/205: 69㎡ / Rooms 302/303: 54㎡ [Bedding] Serta semi-double bed (120×200 cm) × 2, futon set × 1 [Bath room] Fed by radon-rich Miyahama hot spring, bubbling beauty bath system, Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting simulating moonlight [Television] BRAVIA 65-inch, YouTube viewing available [Attire] Room wear: shirt gown / Attire for inside/outside the facility: fabric jacket, stretch pants, socks [Footwear] Leather-soled sandals (men’s and women’s design) [Bag] Hemp cloth furoshiki bag and bath supplies basket [Amenities] Laura Ashley (UK) shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, as well as shower cap, POLA skin care kit, toothbrush set, cotton, cotton swabs, hairband, hair brush, shaving razor, hair dryer, body towel, hand soap (for both face and shaving), disposable slippers, magnifying glass, and insect repelling goods [Appliances] Refrigerator (no freezer compartment), electric hot water pot, air purifier (with humidifier), safe for valuables, smart speakers (Google Home)

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