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IBUKU (breathe) at the hot spring located closest to Miyajima.

Located on the coast opposite the World Heritage Site of Miyajima,
a step away from the tourist areas,
Miyahama Onsen is a place that is perfect for relaxation.
It is surrounded by the sea, mountains, and waterfalls, bounded by the blue or starry sky, for a deeply healing atmosphere.
IBUKU (breathe) was created as a lodge where guests can breathe deeply and welcome a fresh and restorative new day.


The building interior features a simple, modern Japanese style.

* Smoking is prohibited in this facility. Please use the smoking rooms located outside on the first floor and on the second floor.

Dedication of IBUKU

Deep comfort that makes you forget about time
Relax your mind and body to build new strength.

  • type C
  • Meal

    We prepare original dishes centering on local and nearby ingredients, prepared to draw out the delicious, natural flavors of the foods.

  • type C
  • Baths Source of the Miyahama Onsen

    All guest rooms draw water directly from the hot spring source of Miyahama Onsen.
    The simple radiative hot spring produces radon-rich water that is said to be effective in alleviating nerve pain, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, joint pain, and women’s disorders, as well as promoting health and easing fatigue.
    The lighting was also designed in the image of moonlight, for a bath room that eases your tires and heals you fully to your core.

  • type C
  • Amenities

    Easy to use with a lovely feel on the skin.
    The many amenities are gentle to the body and relax the soul.


There are a number of sightseeing spots located close to IBUKU including a shrine and waterfall where you can enjoy history and nature.
We will provide guests with information about seasonal spots which you can walk to.

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